During ISPD 2018, on Sunday May 6 from 14.00 – 15.30, we will be hosting Meetups.

What are Meetups?

These are opportunities for attendees to create an ad-hoc session for like-minded individuals to get together, network, discuss, or work on any topic.

  • Anyone can create & chair a Meetup
  • Anyone can sign-up to an existing Meetup

We’ll provide a space to meet and advertise it to our attendees.

Want to set-up a Meetup at a different time? You can also have a Meetup during lunch, before the first session of the day or after the last session of the day.  Just let us know!

Attend A Meet Up

Sunday May 6 14:00-15:30

Monday May 7 12:10-13:10

Need to Cancel a Previous Booking?

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