Harvard/Ariadne Labs' "Serious Illness Conversation Guide" Meet-up

May 6, 2018


Location: Room 2

Of interest to: Anyone interested in palliative / end of life / geriatric nephrology

This meet-up will focus on using the Harvard/Ariadne Labs’ “Serious Illness Conversation Guide” with Renal Patients.  We will discuss the work to date and translations into other languages.

The Serious Illness Conversation Guide is a tool for clinicians to introduce and discuss advance care planning to seriously ill patients.  It was developed by the Harvard Centre for Palliative Care (Dr Susan Block, Dr Rachelle Bernacki) and Ariadne Labs (Executive Director Dr Atul Gawande).  The British Columbia (BC) Centre for Palliative Care is investing in increasing the use of the guide across BC.  Several renal clinicians have begun to use it as well.

We are also interested in translations of the guide into other languages.  This is also underway in BC and elsewhere.  This Meet – Up is a chance to discuss the guide, learn about how colleagues might be using it and potentially collaborate around testing of translated versions.


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