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Abstract submission deadline: November 30th, 2017 at 11:59 PST

Abstract Submission Closes








Abstracts are invited to be submitted for the 17th Congress of the International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis.  ISPD 2018 will accept abstract submissions electronically only from

July 12th, 2017 through November 30st, 2017 at 11:59 PM PST.  Authors will be notified of the outcome of their submissions in late December 2017.

The ISPD 2018 Congress will bring the opportunity for the global community to explore and develop innovative ways of caring for patients from a wide range of backgrounds, including those from indigenous populations and both developed and developing nations.  All abstracts submitted will be considered for poster presentation and a small number will be invited to be featured as oral presentations within the extensive 2.5 day program.

Please read the information below to assist in your submission. To begin, then click on the button below to make your submission.


Call for Abstracts open July 2017
Call for Abstracts close Nov 30th, 2017
Speaker Notification of Abstract Acceptance January 12, 2018
Speaker Acceptance and Registration Deadline January 30th, 2018
ISPD 2018 Congress May 5-8, 2018


All abstracts submitted will be considered for poster presentation. Authors of the best ranked abstracts will also be invited by the Scientific Committee to give oral presentations of their work.


There will be NO traditional poster boards.  Posters will be presented as e-Posters ONLY.  A digital version of the poster will be required after you have received a notification of acceptance of your abstract.  You will receive a link on how to access the downloadable templates for this submission to assist you.


Those who have been invited to by the Scientific Committee to give oral presentations of their work will be notified of this in their acceptance letter.


Abstracts should be submitted within the following theme areas for consideration for presentations:

  • Immunology, Inflammation and Fibrosis in the peritoneum
  • Peritoneal Anatomy, Histopathology and Imaging
  • Peritoneal Transport Function and Ultrafiltration
  • Access, Peritonitis and Exit Site Infections
  • PD Adequacy, Residual Renal Function and Bioimpedence
  • PD Fluids and Treatment Regimens
  • Novel clinical indications for PD
  • Anaemia, Metabolism, and CKD-MBD in PD patients
  • Cardiovascular Complications of PD patients
  • Nutrition, Dietetics and Gut Function in PD patients
  • Rehabilitation, Psychological Issues, and Socio-economics of PD
  • PD in patients with Diabetes
  • PD in older populations
  • PD in Paediatric Patients
  • PD in the developing world


All abstracts submitted will be considered for the Jonas Bergstrom Award for best abstract. This award is given to the individual with the best research and abstract at the Congress with the International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis awarding a prize of USD 2,500


Authors will have the option at the time of submission to nominate themselves for consideration for a Travel Grant (subject to receipt of Commercial Sponsorship). To be eligible for consideration for a Travel Grant the presenting author for the successful abstract must reside in one of the Least Developed Countries listed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Development Assistance Committee (DAC) – see here for a listing of eligible countries. Should Commercial Sponsorship be received, those who have indicated they wish to be considered for this Grant will be contacted with further information after the abstract review process has concluded.


ISPD 2018 will accept an abstract submission if the abstract (research article):

–    Has not been submitted for publication or has not been accepted for presentation (oral or poster) at another meeting or
–    Has been submitted for publication but not yet accepted for publication by November 30, 2017

ISPD 2018 will not accept an abstract submission if the abstract (research article):

–    Has already been published
–    Has been accepted for publication, or
–    Will have already been presented (oral or poster) at another meeting or press conference by the date of the ISPD 2018 congress.

  • All abstract(s) must be prepared according to the guidelines provided. Incomplete or incorrect submissions will be returned to the author and must be re-submitted immediately in the correct format to be considered for inclusion in the program.
  • Abstract submissions will only be accepted via this website system only.
  • All fields on the online abstract submission form must be completed
  • Abstracts must be submitted by the presenting author who should complete all fields on the online submission form.
  • Responsibility for the accuracy of the abstracts and the agreement of co-authors with the content of the abstracts rests with the principal author.
  • Authors should be cautious in using institutional references in the body of the abstract.  Do not put author names and/or affiliations in the body.  Abstracts which include reference to authors or institutions will not be reviewed.
  • Submission of your abstract(s) implies you have read, understood and comply with the Terms and Conditions as outlined in the Submission Portal.

Abstract Submission Policy and Copyright

Selection Decisions. I understand that decisions regarding which abstracts are selected for presentation rests within the sole discretion of the Review Committee and its Chairperson.

Proper Content. I represent and warrant that the attached abstract and all materials which are/will be created related to it (“Presentation”) are/will be an original work, do not infringe upon the copyright, intellectual property, or privacy rights of another, and are not libelous or defamatory.

Copyright Assignment. I represent and warrant that the attached abstract and any later created Presentation is/will be original work. I understand that in the event my abstract is accepted by the ISPD 2018, all materials related to my abstract and Presentation may be used by ISPD and/or CSN, in any form, for educational purposes including, but not limited to, recording my oral presentation of this material, if the abstract is accepted for oral presentation; and the printing and/or electronic publication of this material or transcripts, excerpts or abstracts. I control all rights to the abstract and Presentation which is/will be created, have the authority to assign copyrights, and hereby agree to assign to ISPD/CSN all copyrights in the abstract and Presentation in any medium in the event that my abstract and Presentation is accepted by ISPD 2018.

Co-Authors Agreement. If I am submitting an abstract on behalf of one or more co-authors, I represent and warrant that I have obtained copyright assignments from all of my co-authors, and have the authority to assign all copyrights in the works related to the Presentation. I also represent that I have permission from all of my co-authors to enter into this Abstract Submission Agreement on their behalf and to bind them to the terms and representations of this Agreement, and agree to defend and indemnify ISPD and/or CSN in the event any of the representations on my co-author’s behalf are false or inaccurate.


Abstract submission is a three step process:



  • Click here to see a sample abstract.
  • Abstract should be a maximum of 300 words and in English
  • Authors are permitted to submit more than one abstract
  • Graphics and tables can be included in the abstract
  • The abstract should outline the work that will be presented at the ISPD 2018 Congress in Vancouver in May 2018
  • After the closing date (November 30, 2017) your abstract will be blinded for peer review.

After completing the abstract template move onto step 2.



When you are ready to finish creating your abstract and you have read this page entirely, click “Next” to move onto the next tab. You will be required to provide the following details:

  • Title: Abstract title must be in ALL CAPS case. Do not indent. Title should be concise and indicate the content of the abstract.
  • Authors: Take care to list the authors in the relevant section of the submission site. Spell out completely the names of all authors using full first and last names. Maintain consistency in author names on multiple abstracts to avoid duplication in the Author Index. Enter all the institutions of all the authors (i.e. Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, CANADA)
  • Presenting Author: In all online publications, the presenting author will be underlined.
  • Spelling and Grammar: Abstracts will not be reviewed for spelling or grammatical errors and therefore will be published as submitted.
  • Abstract Format: ​
    1. Should state briefly and clearly the background, objectives, methodsresults and conclusions of the work using these subtitles. Given the variety of abstract types, these subheadings may not be appropriate for all submissions but should be used where possible.
    2. Standard abbreviations may be used as follows: on first use, spell out the full term and follow with abbreviation in parentheses.
    3. 300-word limit. Should you need to add tables and figures, you must reference them in the body of your abstract and upload a maximum of one image, figure or table under the abstract body box. If you do use a table/figure the maximum word limit is 250.
  • Source of Funding: Grant support must be indicated on the “Source of Funding” page. If there is no support, “none” must be listed. This is a required field in the submission process. Abstracts deemed to be submitted solely for marketing purposes will not be accepted.



When you ready to submit your abstract, click “Submit.” If there are required fields that are not complete, a red triangle will show on the specific tab and what is missing will show up on the tab under the fields that are missing data.


If you submitted an abstract(s) prior to October 31st, 2017, notification to authors will be communicated in December 2017.
Please note the contact details provided at the time of abstract submission should be for the nominated main contact for your abstract. All correspondence relating to the submission will be directed to this person, and they should in turn distribute to all co-presenters.


If you want to withdraw an abstract, please do it directly via the system.  If it is past the closed date, please contact the congress secretariat at


All abstracts must be submitted by November 30, 2017 at 11:59 pm, Pacific Time Zone

If abstract(s) not submitted by this date/time, your abstract will not be accepted.  Partially submitted abstracts, if not completed in the system by the deadline, will automatically be removed and not reviewed either.



  1. Click on the link to create a submission:
  2. Click on the Register tab to register an account.
  3. Enter your email address, password and confirm password. Click the Sign up button.
  4. An email will be sent to you.
  5. Click on the button in your email labeled, “Confirm Account.”
  6. A pop-up will appear stating, “Thank you for confirming your email.”
  7. Click on the “Please click here to login.”
  8. Login to your account.
  9. Once logged in, a box will pop up at the top of your screen indicating you have created a submission. You will be in edit mode of that submission.
  10. Read the Information tab.
  11. Complete all the required fields on all the tabs.
  12. Click “Save,” on the bottom right of your screen after you complete each tab or any time as necessary. *If required fields are missing data, you will see the tabs with a red triangle.
  13. Click on the “Submit” button on the bottom right of your screen when you are ready to submit your abstract.

Important Note:   Abstracts not submitted and remain incomplete will not be eligible for review.


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